Mazuma Credit Union’s direction to our creative team was simple, “deliver financial and credit union education in a fun and engaging manner that embodies the Mazuma  brand.” Financial education is important to Mazuma, and they wanted to separate themselves from the pack. Luckily, that’s kind of our thing. We wanted to create something innovative. Something unique. Something memorable. Finally, the light bulb went off. What about an interactive game show that gives real locals a chance to win real money? Enter Mazuma “Cash Car”.

Mazuma’s “Cash Car” is inspired by The Discovery Channel’s “Cash Cab,” a televised game show in which unsuspecting New York City travelers enter what appears to be a normal taxi cab and are then given a chance to win some cash if they answer trivia questions correctly. The show aired for six seasons from 2005 to 2012, and, in March 2017, it was announced the show will be returning to TV in the near future. In Mazuma’s version, we asked Kansas City travelers about the financial industry, about credit unions and about Mazuma as a whole. Get a question right, they won money. Get it wrong, however, and they received a strike. As with America’s pastime, three strikes and you’re out.

“Cash Car” was able to marry Mazuma’s intended credit union and financial education with something unique and engaging – all while staying within budget. Lots of hard work and planning went into making it all happen. However, our biggest challenge was figuring out how to film a game show in a car, yet make it seem like a normal car to our unsuspecting passengers. Thankfully, we had a contact at The Late Late Show with James Corden who gave us some ideas based on how they film their wildly popular and viral segment, Carpool Karaoke. Three GoPro® cameras, two DSLR cameras and numerous microphones later, we were good to go.

On the day of production, Mazuma Mike was ready to channel his inner game show host. Our producer crawled into the trunk of the car to watch all of the action unfold on the monitors. Our creative director donned his sunglasses to act as the chauffeur. It was go time. The “Cash Car” drove around the city and picked up several good-natured citizens who were then given the opportunity to show their financial knowledge. Mike asked them questions such as, “True or false: credit unions have a board of directors?”, “How are credit union profits returned to members?” and “Banks are owned by investors, but who owns credit unions?”.

We produced three “Cash Car” episodes in all, and the results have been staggering. We uploaded the videos on both Facebook and YouTube where they received thousands of views. The episodes were picked up by local news outlets and received lots of love on Twitter, too. Not bad for a digital video series made on a modest budget. “Cash Car” was the recipient of three CUNA Diamond Awards including “Best Video”, “Cutting Edge and Brand Awareness” as well as two MAC Awards including “Best Broadcast/Video” and “Image Enhancement”. It was also nominated for the Marketing Associate of Credit Unions’ highest honor, the Macquee Award.

The little game show that could has proven to be very successful for Mazuma, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. “Cash Car” was bound to be special but we could never have predicted the success Mazuma has seen because of it. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, because you never know where it could take you.

At BYM, we welcome any challenge and thrive on turning them into successful creative solutions for your credit union. Take a look at some of our other work here, and let’s discover what’s possible together.