Befit Financial FCU: A New Brand That Fits

For 60 years, Kaiperm North Bay FCU exclusively served healthcare employees of Kaiser Permanente. When that relationship evolved, the Vallejo, Calif.-based credit union decided to expand their charter so that they could continue serving members in the medical field but in the broader communities. Sounds great, right? Yes, but that required some major changes. That’s where we came in.



Assets ($millions)

The Strategy

After the charter expansion, Kaiperm North Bay Federal Credit Union’s name and overall brand required a complete overhaul. What they needed from BYM Agency a guide from beginning to end.

We started by faciliating a series of discovery exercises that were designed to help determine their core essence. Ultimately, this culminated in a new name; Befit. We then used the discovery insights and new name to create a unique logo and a complete package of all new marketing materials that used clean copy and soothing colors to give their new brand a spa-like, contemporary feel.

As the new brand was rolled out, we helped ease existing members through the transition through specifically targeted messages, including a brand video that explained the change while celebrating their heritage. This gave members peace of mind while helping them understand how the new brand would help encourage the growth of their credit union.

Marketing Materials

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Brand Video

The Results

Sometimes, a word of gratitude is the biggest reward. Thankfully, Befit had several grateful words to share. They were thrilled with the creative execution of their stated goals, and what was the CEO’s reaction?

“I’m sobbing! Yes. Yes. Yes. This is us!” — Bobbie Adams