The Challenge of Growth

Us + You = Growth. Simple math. But then you think about all the communication that goes into such a large and involved project, and suddenly a simple idea can turn into an overwhelming process.

Assets ($millions)



The Merger

When FedChoice decided to merge with Washington Postal Employees FCU, the intention was to take their organization to new heights. New resources would help them get there, but they needed an effective strategy to communicate the complex changes that were about to occur.

BYM Experts

We know a lot can fall through the cracks during a merger, and its success often depends on the level of communication with the members and staff. That’s why we offered FedChoice a complete merger communication solution that’s broken down into three steps:

Keep a positive tone throughout the process, focusing on the heritage of both institutions.

Identify all questions or concerns that might be raised about the merger

Develop communication channels to keep all constituencies “in the know” at all times.

What We Did

We deployed a press release announcing the big event, produced notice letters, FAQs and a comprehensive transition guide to help members understand the merger process.

Notice Letters

Transition Guide


Growth in Members


Asset Growth

The Result?

A smooth transition that helped FedChoice increase its membership to 23,000, assets to $353 million and 6 branches. Now that’s growth.