The Game Changer

When Mazuma began the rebrand process, they knew they wanted to overhaul their social media presence. So, they decided to change the game. By creating fun, engaging and shareable content, we helped take Mazuma’s social media from zero to hero. And we had a ton of fun doing it.

Award Winning Ribbon

Mazuma CU’s Social Media is Award Winning.



Assets ($millions)

Content Driven

In order to truly deliver on their ‘Bank Happy’ promise, Mazuma asked us to help take their social media game to a whole new level.

Generating content was the focus, but not just any content – great content that broke through the noise and clutter of the ever-expanding Internet.

Social Media

We wanted to tell Mazuma’s story in a way that moves people to buy into them, not just their products. Only through social media could they engage and interact with their audience through a relaxed and organic medium.


When it came to bringing Mazuma’s brand to life, video set the stage. Visit Mazuma’s YouTube channel.