Recreating a brand from the ground up

We enjoyed every wonderfully grueling minute of working with Mazuma’s team to develop a new brand identity that mirrored their fun, relaxed and lively culture. And it all derived from two simple words: Bank Happy.

Award Winning Ribbon

The Mazuma CU Rebrand is an Award Winning project.



Assets ($millions)


Websites should look good from the inside out, which is why Mazuma’s website,, offers easy-to-access information, locally shot photography and a unique scrolling format. It’s also fully responsive, so it’ll look just as good from your desktop as it will on your mobile phone.


We created a conversational brand voice that sets Mazuma apart from the boring banks in the region — and everywhere else for that matter.

TV Commercial

Recruitment Video

Brand Video

Mazuma Mike

Mazuma wanted a new face to embody their ‘bank happy’ essence, so we created Mazuma Mike, a lovably misguided guy who serves as the credit union’s official spokesperson.


Every aspect of Mazuma’s new brand needed to exude the ‘Bank Happy’ vibe – including their collateral. Yup, we even found a way to make their brochures fun to read.


The credit union wanted to let content take the driver’s seat, so it launched a new blog, It takes a fun, light-hearted approach to community service, pop culture and financial advice within the Kansas City community.

In-Branch Graphics

We couldn’t actually change those beige walls we were talking about, so we decided to cover them with quirky wall graphics, clever statements and impactful logo treatments.

Van Wrap

Every batman needs a batmobile, so we made something Mazuma would feel cool to drive around in. OK, maybe not quite cool, but it’s definitely memorable.