First Class Creative On The Fly

SkyOne was pushing a hard deadline to launch their new Cloud9 Rewards program, and they needed a creative partner who could produce outstanding work on a tight deadline. Luckily, that’s kind of our thing.

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SkyOne FCU Cloud9  is an Award Winning project.



Assets ($millions)

The Strategy

SkyOne Federal Credit Union was transitioning their old rewards program to a new, more comprehensive one. Our initial assignment was to develop a program logo and design elements for their new rewards site along with a tagline for their direct mail piece.

We began by conducting an extensive study of SkyOne’s existing corporate blue and green brand colors then launched into developing a color palette of unique and airy light blues and greens for use on all of the Cloud9 marketing materials.

After establishing the colors, we began the logo with a custom design of the number nine. This was created to directly reference the “swoosh” in SkyOne’s main corporate logo. The curves of the cloud were created to help balance the custom font treatment and as a visual tie-in for the Cloud9 program.

The tagline, “Your rewards are about to take flight,” was developed for use only on the direct mail piece. Letters that are written in a “from me to you” format are proven to drive higher engagement, so we began the tagline with “Your.” Then we kept it to an eight word limit that drove home the primary message of increasing rewards, while folding in words reflective of the SkyOne brand.

Marketing Materials

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The Results

The Cloud9 logo and additional creative elements demonstrated success for SkyOne both in facilitating clear communication to members and in assisting with the transition from the old rewards program to the new one with almost no attrition. Feedback from members was very positive, and the success of this project led directly to us partnering on many additional creative projects with SkyOne. In addition, SkyOne and BYM Agency received a Gold MAC Award and a CUNA Diamond Award for the Cloud9 Rewards logo.