“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it!”
— Simon Sinek

We are passionate about supporting credit union growth and helping them discover their unique and authentic “why.” What exactly is the “why?” It’s your brand essence and your core reason for being. By clearly defining why you do what you do and your core beliefs, you can then communicate a clear, targeted message to attract those who believe what you believe.

As the nation’s first full-service marketing CUSO, we are passionate about sharing our experience, knowledge and what works. That’s a whopping combined total 200+ years of credit union marketing experience that’s zeroed in on helping credit unions imagine what’s possible. Then bring it to life and positioning for growth.


Your Brand diagram

Credit Union Brand Exercises

Together, we’ll go through a series of fun exercises that challenge your team to think critically about your brand. We’ll also consider your brand position and the unique brand promise that only your credit union can deliver, compared to your competition. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what emerges and your team members will start to articulate the qualities embodied by your credit union they may have known intuitively, but never heard expressed quite so well. We’ll then do the heavy lifting – distilling and connecting the common threads that evolve into your ultimate brand essence or “why”.

Living Your Brand

Make your new brand essence come to life with:


A new or revamped logo and/or tagline
Detailed brand guidelines to build consistency
Culture integration, brand education and other support strategies
Demonstrating your ‘why’ through every marketing asset, channel and touchpoint

Not sure where to start or if you need help?

Here are a few questions to consider. If you answer “yes” to at least one, it may be time for a brand audit (we can also help you with that):

  • Does your staff and/or membership feel your brand isn’t relevant or attractive?
  • Does you get frequent questions about who you serve, why you’re different and what you offer?
  • Does your brand present any kind of barrier in your growth plans?
  • Is your name tied to your original SEG while your charter has expanded beyond serving that original membership group?

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