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Target Market Research

Many businesses make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone. Ideally, you want to be able to define your target market to identify specific audience segments that can be presented with specific products. Phew…that’s a mouthful. Market research allows you to focus your marketing dollars, ultimately making all your efforts more effective.

Media Production

Your media strategy might include TV, radio, billboard, online or all of the above. Regardless of your particular media mix, we can concept, script and produce all of your media assets. Don’t let your audience miss out on the opportunity to see your brand in action.

Media Placement

Relying on knowing the right people to negotiate the best deal for your media dollars is a thing of the past…at least with us. Utilizing an algorithm-type approach we can identify your reach and frequency potential then hold your media placement accountable. On average this equates to getting a minimum of 50% more out of our client’s media budget.

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Monitoring all of your marketing initiatives through the Trackify dashboard allows you to make real-time decisions that protect your budget 24/7.


Through dedicated phone lines and unique URLs, Trackify allows you to monitor the performance of campaigns, media channels and specific placement from anywhere.
The online dashboard monitors your lead flow by source, lets you create custom reporting and even use map plotting to pinpoint leads and existing and potential members by geographic region.


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Discover meaningful trends in historical and projected data to make better marketing decisions.


Return on Investment is the most common profitability ratio. It’s how much profit earned from your initiatives compared to your investment. We’ll take the element of surprise out of the equation by projecting ROI value and follow through with the actual ROI, including rational and key findings to determine success and plan for the future.