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We understand you probably want to jump right into the “fun stuff,” like new brand colors and logo. But if you don’t first lay the ground work with an open and honest internal discussion about why you do what you do and who you want to be to your community and members, a gap can develop that is hard to fill.


Rebranding Details

Organically navigating through a rebrand is crucial to its success.

  1. Reflection. We’ll help you identify specifically what your credit union believes, and ultimately why you do what you do.
  2. Discovery. You can then better determine who you want your organization to be to your members and community…your brand essence.
  3. Position. Almost every credit union believes it has great products and services, so chances are that won’t set yours apart from a competitor. We’ll guide you to find the one thing that makes your organization truly different from all others. The thing it stands for above all else. Is it that fun, positive culture? Or the ability to provide versatile solutions? Maybe it’s your trustworthiness and reliability?  Don’t worry, we’ll find it.

Before you can get the public to buy into the new you, the people inside your four walls need to believe it and be prepared to live it every day. The key to a successful rebrand is making sure that the new look is an outward extension of what your CU believes.

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Merger Communications

A credit union merger, while becoming more and more prevalent, is a huge undertaking and can put additional strain on your existing marketing efforts to grow loans and membership. We know the credit union merger process inside and out and can help you manage all of the moving parts.

Merger Communications Details

Communicating your merger to each of your constituencies is what we do. We’re well versed in developing the necessary resources and materials along with regulatory notices to keep your merger moving along smoothly. Here are our 3 keys to merger communication success:

  1. Keep a positive tone throughout the process, focusing on the heritage of both institutions.
  2. Identifying and address all questions or concerns that might be raised about the merger.
  3. Develop communication channels to keep all constituencies “in the know” at all times.